Anonymous asked: "Admit it"


Anonymous asked: "I know you're lying. You actually missed me."

Nope. Not even a little.

Anonymous asked: "That's good"

yeah life is great without you

Anonymous asked: "How've you been suga lips"


Anonymous asked: "Hey babe sorry for not talking for a while. I know you missed me but now I'm here so it's all good in the hood"

Yeah, you better be sorry.

Anonymous asked: "Okay do you like someone"

wtf didnt you ask me this before go away

Anonymous asked: "Say something"

no u

Anonymous asked: "I sent this to you earlier but you didn't respond: Well apparently there must be a reason for you talking to me because you were the one who said you were waiting for me to talk to you for like four months"


Anonymous asked: "So I see cat got your tongue >:-)"


Anonymous asked: "You're starting to bore me. Step it up"

i have no reason to even talk you. im getting bored with you.

Anonymous asked: "Wow I have some dread pieces that have beads and they're all so pretty and some have glitter in them -^.^-"

thats ddumb

Anonymous asked: "I'm glad to know that you like every inch of me ;) tell me more about how you think I look like this is really fun :*"

your hair is made up of one single dread. thats it.

Anonymous asked: "That's where you're wrong. I have two, and they're stacked up on top of each other if that makes sense."

that makes perfect sense. thats how i like it,

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